Jesus Over Everything

I never seem to do studies or challenges “on time”. I sign up because the topic or focus tugs at me. It feels right at the time. But the timing is never right. I always have work commitments, my house to run, kids to tend to, and a marriage to pour into.

And the study or challenge that first tugged at my heart and spirit is now just one more obligation in my already over-scheduled life. So it either doesn’t get started and collects dust, or I’m several weeks behind everyone else. Sometimes the weight of the guilt of being so behind gets too heavy and I quit altogether.

Not this time, though. I read enough of the book – Jesus Over Everything by Lisa Whittle -in between grading and preparing for Christmas to know that God was offering me healing in its pages. I just had to sit with Christ’s question “Do you want to get well?” long enough to get honest.

So, I may be weeks behind the rest of the group of women I started reading this book with, but I’m trusting God’s timing. I’m choosing to trust Him completely.

Author: Faith Fit Mommy Stuff

Reina Floyd, founder of Faith Fitness and Mommy Stuff, is getting real about what it takes to juggle a marriage, 4-year-old twins, a precocious 11-year-old son, and full-time work with her passionate determination to walk in freedom as she tries to live a healthy and whole life. When Reina "grows up" she wants to work in full-time ministry with young women ages eleven to twenty-one. She currently teaches high school math and faith-based group fitness classes in Columbia, SC where she lives with her husband, David, and their three sons.

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